Robotics and Automation System Engineering (International Program)


The multidisciplinary curriculum contains important and up-to-date contents in order to support the personnel demand in the Eastern Economic Corridor. English is used as the medium of instruction preparing graduates for international careers. Industrial robots and instruments are used in courses allowing students to gain experience through practical learning in automation system design. Furthermore, students will get opportunities to solve real industrial problems through the Cooperative Education Program. Student will gain knowledge through learning by doing scheme supported by domestic and international professors and experts. The curriculum integrates knowledge from various fields of engineering; mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer engineering and industrial engineering.

Curriculum highlights

  • Cooperation with leading companies in the Eastern Economic Corridor.
  • Practical experience in industrial sector through the Cooperative Education Program.
  • Learning through various Project-Based Learning courses.
  • Learning by doing through engineering projects from the 2nd to 4th academic year.
  • Visiting professors from international universities to transfer modern technological knowledge.

Core contents

  • Industrial Robots and Applications in Manufacturing Process
  • Industrial Control and SCADA
  • Design, Analysis, and Manufacturing of Machinery Parts
  • Artificial Intelligence and Imaging Technology for Industry


 English    Bachelor of Engineering Program in Robotics and Automation System Engineering


  Full name Bachelor of Engineering (Robotics and Automation System Engineering)
  Abbreviation  B.Eng. (Robotics and Automation System Engineering)
  Division  Special Program Faculty of Engineering at Sriracha Kasetsart University Sriracha Campus

Total Number of Credits Required for Graduation at least 135 Credits

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