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ผู้ช่วยศาสตราจารย์ / Assistant Professor
Dr. Nattapon
Digital Industrial Design and Manufacturing Research Group

Ph.D. (Biomedical Engineering), Prince of Songkla University
M.Sc. (Mechanical Engineering), Thammasat University
B.Eng. (Aerospace Engineering), Kasetsart University

- CAD/CAM/CAE and Reverse Engineering Technologies
- Biomechanics
- Additive manufacturing for medical applications
- Mould Design

- Customized Technologies CL.
- National Metal and Materials Technology Center
- Research and Development Institute of Industrial Production Technology
- Turkish Airlines Technical Department

Professional Society Participation

Reviewer, Rapid Prototyping Journal, Emerald.

Book Chapter:

(1) Rooppakhun S., Chantarapanich N., and Sitthiseripratip K., Advanced Medical Imaging and Reverse Engineering Technologies in Craniometric Study, in Forensic Medicine - From Old Problems to New Challenges, Edited by Vieira D.N., 2011; Intech, Croatia.
*****(ISBN 978-953-307-262-3)*****

Selected International Journals with ISI Impact Factor:

(1) Inglam S., Chantarapanich N., Suebnukarn S., Vatanapatimakul N., Sucharitpwatskul S., and Sitthiseripratip K., Biomechanical Evaluation of Novel Porous-Structured Implant: Finite Element Study, Journal of Oral & Maxillofacial Implants, 2013; 28(2): e48-e56.
*****(SCIE. ISI Impact Factor 2012: 1.908)*****
(2) Chantarapanich N.,Puttawibul P.,Sucharitpwatskul S.,Jeamwatthanachai P.,Inglam S., and Sitthiseripratip K., Scaffold Library for Tissue Engineering: A Geometric Evaluation, Computational and Mathematical Methods in Medicine, 2012; Vol. 2012, Art. No. 407805.
*****(SCIE. ISI Impact Factor 2012: 0.791)*****
(3) Chantarapanich N., Mahaisavariya B., Siribodhi P., and Sitthiseripratip K. Geometric mismatch analysis of retrograde nail in the Asian femur, Surgical and Radiologic Anatomy, 2011; 39(9): 755-761.
*****(SCIE. ISI Impact Factor 2011: 1.056)*****

Selected International Journals:

(1) Chantarapanich N., Puttawibul P., Sitthiseripratip K., Sucharitpwatskul S., and Chantaweroad S., Study of the mechanical properties of photo-cured epoxy resin fabricatedby stereolithography process, Songklanakarin Journal of Science and Technology, 2013; 35(1): 91-98.
(2) Rooppakhun S., Chantarapanich N., and Sitthiseripratip K., Influence of the Trochanteric Fractures Configurations on Dynamic Hip Screw Performance: in silico Study , Advanced Science Letters, 2013; 19(12), 3596-3599.
(3) Chantarapanich N., Puttawibul P., Sitthiseripratip K., Sucharitpwatskul S., and Jeamwatthanachai P., Particle Swarm Optimization for Tissue Engineering Scaffold Parameters Design, Advanced Science Letters, 2013; 19(10), 3114-3118.
(4) Laohaprapanon A., Jeamwatthanachai P., Wongcumchang M., Chantarapanich N., Chantaweroad S., Sitthiseripratip K., and Wisutmethangoon S., Optimal Scanning Condition of Selective Laser Melting Processing with stainless steel 316L powder, Advanced Materials Research, 2012; Vol. 341-342: 816-820.
(5) Chantarapanich N., Sitthiseripratip K., Mahaisavariya B., Wongcumchang M., and Siribodhi P. "3D Geometrical Assessment of Femoral Curvature: A Reverse Engineering Technique, Journal of the Medical Association of Thailand, 2008; 91(9): 1377-1381.

Selected International Conferences:

(1) Chantarapanich N., Puttawibul P., Jeamwatthanachai P., Sitthiseripratip K., Sucharitpwatskul S., and Laohaprapanon A., Optimal Matrix Size for Analysis of Tissue Engineering Scaffold Stiffness: A Finite Element Study, BMEiCON 2011The 4th Biomedical International Conference, November 9‐11; Chiang Mai, Thailand, 2011.
*****(Indexed: IEEE Xplore, SCOPUS)*****
(2) Inglam S.,Chantarapanich N., Sucharitpwatskul S. and Sitthiseripratip K., Engineered Porous Structure Implant (EPSI) versus Conventional Solid Structure Implant (CSSI) Placed in Maxillary Sinus Grafted: Finite Element Study, The 6th Congress on Biomechanics, August 1‐6; Singapore, 2010.